Our Classes


Level 1-2

Our signature class. Dynamic, energetic, and creative, these classes link breath through movement in a flow-based format. The accompanying playlist will have you grooving along on your mat.

These classes are typically all-level and easily modifiable. Options are given to make it harder or easier. You choose the route.




Level 1-2

Slower, more considered movement. Similar to Vinyasa, but with a steadier pace, longer holds, and a touch more mindfulness weaved throughout.

Though the pace is slower, these classes are actually more challenging. They require more patience, focus and often require more strength and engagement. That said, classes are still very modifiable. These classes will leave you feeling very blissed out.



Level 2-3

A strength-based practice with longer holds and conditioning drills weaved throughout. These classes are tough, and will surely deliver a sweat.

Expect a high-energy workout in these classes, giving you the strength you need to develop your physical practice. Make sure you find softness where you can and use the breath to re-center whenever you need to come back to your spiritual practice.




Level 0-1

Gentle and restorative. These beginner-friendly classes are deeply nurturing and especially grounding. They center on our breath.

A slower pace sets the tone, but these classes differ from our 'Slow' classes in both level and overall feel. They're softer and designed to ease through tension both in body and mind. They are the epitome of a collective sigh, designed to give you a complete release.


Level 0-2

We move at a snail's pace through long holds to target areas of resistance in the body. Yin yoga targets deep connective tissue underneath the muscle and is designed to heal/repair the body.

The nature of these classes makes for more of a moving meditation as we find ease through the discomfort, and use the breath to steady the mind. It's the stillness that can make these classes quite hard.



Level 0-1

Guided meditation and breath-work classes to help you find balance, reduce stress and anxiety, and clear the mind.

Open to all-levels, these classes will provide you the some of the tools to develop a spiritual practice. Close your eyes, and allow yourself to be wholeheartedly present.


Level 0-2

These short classes break down various postures and give you tips on technique as well as conditioning practices to help you strengthen the body in the pursuit of some of the harder asana.

These classes are designed to advance your knowledge and understanding of how to progress your physical practice.