Renewal Schedule


Set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally do. This challenge is best tackled first thing in the morning. Wake up well with us.

The entire series will be live on April 18th at midnight. We'll see you on the mat.


Vinyasa, 40


Power, 40


Vinyasa, 30


Power, 20


Power, 50


Vinyasa, 60


Slow, 50


Vinyasa, 30


Vinyasa, 30


Power, 15


Power, 30


Power, 30


Power, 40


Slow, 30

Ritual Schedule


The challenge starts on 1st January, and every class will be available from 6am that day [ie: Day 1 on the 1st, Day 2 on the 2nd, Day 3 on the 3rd etc].

You're welcome to start late if it suits you, or if you've signed up late, and to skip any classes that don't honor your energy. The point of this challenge is to develop a daily practice, but any class will do, and there is always the option to practice yoga off the mat [ie: reading, walking, doing something mindfully, without distraction].

A direct click-through to the class is available here, but won't be until that class drops.

Day 1

Vinyasa, 50

Day 2

Slow, 30

Day 3

Power, 30

Day 4

Breakdown, 10

Day 5

Rest, 20

Day 6

Vinyasa, 30

Day 7

Still, 10

Day 8

Slow, 60

Day 9

Rest/Yin, 25

Day 10

Vinyasa, 30

Day 11

Breakdown, 10

Day 12

Vinyasa, 40

Day 13

Still, 10

Day 14

Power, 30

Day 15

Slow, 50

Day 16

Yin, 35

Day 17

Vinyasa, 30

Day 18

Still, 10

Day 19

Slow, 60

Day 20

Rest, 25

Day 21

40, Vinyasa

Day 22

60, Vinyasa

Day 23

Yin, 60

Day 24

Power, 30

Day 25

Breakdown, 10

Day 26

Slow, 40

Day 31

Stil, 10

Day 27

Vinyasa, 30

Day 28

Rest, 30

Day 29

Yin, 40

Day 30

Vinyasa, 90

Clean Slate


This challenge was designed in partnership with Artah, to participate fully in the challenge, you'll need to download the e-book with all of the recipes.


7-day challenge.

CLEAN SLATE addresses 3 factors – how you eat, how you move, and how you recover. It also offers two different levels of intensity depending on your goals and/or your previous experiences with cleansing and intermittent fasting. The programme has been designed with a week-long meal guide and includes all recipes for both plant-based and omnivore options so that you can follow the plan that is most suited to your diet and still see the results you crave. Created to be simple, effective and delicious, CLEAN SLATE is perfect for anyone looking to reboot this summer. All it takes is 7 days.


Download the e-book HERE.

28 Days of Movement & Mindfulness