Community is Everything

That's why we created this space.

On its surface, The Yoga Library is a place for students to practice with their favorite instructor(s) without the usual barriers such as time, money, and/or geography.

At its core, exists a space created by a teacher for teachers

The Yoga Library was founded by Jaime Hepburn, who, like most teachers was forced to take her entire business online in 2020. The choice was a reluctant one, but with the push from her community, The Library was born.

The response was incredible, and its success was overwhelming.

Of her students, several were teachers themselves. 

This got us thinking:

How can we empower other teachers to hold space in this current online climate where there is so much noise? Is there a way we can work together to expand our networks, join our communities, and grow alongside one another? How can we increase the overall experience for our students? 

Our mission for this space is to encourage a collective. To lead by example and create a community of teachers that can lean on one another for that extra support.

The Yoga Library is a space for students to support teachers, teachers to support students, and for the entire collective to support one another.

I believe we are stronger together. 

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