Community is Everything

That's why we created this space

The Yoga Library was founded by Jaime Hepburn, as a way to foster community and provide a studio-like feeling in an online space.

That being said, The Yoga Library exists because of its members. It started very organically on Instagram Live when we were all really just finding our feet in the online space. Word of mouth was our best form of marketing, from it we grew exponentially to an incredible community of like-minded people from all over the World. We supported each other, and practiced alongside one another, but from the comfort of our own homes.

Our method is designed with all bodies in mind and we welcome both beginner and advanced practitioners. What we aim to teach is that it really doesn’t matter whether you can touch your toes or balance on one finger, but what you learn about yourself along the way.

The Yoga Library is and always will be a community-driven space, the curriculum is set by our members, meaning all requests are honored and welcomed. We have live classes + monthly challenges to keep you engaged with one another, as well as in-person events + retreats that members get first access to.

Our aim with this space is to give you so much more than just movement on a mat.

Welcome to our community. 

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